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Results - 2022 AMS By-Election

Turnout: 6335 (10.7%) of 59124 electors voted in this ballot.

Vice President Finance


  Kamil Kanji Lawrence Liu The ASC (by Mathew Ho)
Kamil Kanji 0 2795 4061
Lawrence Liu 2989 0 4418
The ASC (by Mathew Ho) 1150 947 0


Lawrence Liu (4418 votes) vs. The ASC (by Mathew Ho) (947 votes) Lawrence Liu (4418 votes)
Kamil Kanji (4061 votes) vs. The ASC (by Mathew Ho) (1150 votes) Kamil Kanji (4061 votes)
Kamil Kanji (2795 votes) vs. Lawrence Liu (2989 votes) Lawrence Liu (2989 votes)


  Elected Lawrence Liu (2 majorities)
  Ranked Questions 5990 (94.6%)
  Abstain 345 (5.4%)
  TOTAL 6335

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